When Everything Hurts, Write

when everything hurts, write
write poems about happiness or sadness or tragedy or anger
write essays about what happened to you
write confrontationally
write well
write colloquially
when everything hurts, write
wait for the pain to pass by putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboards
write like your healing depends on it
(it probably does)
write like your words are necessary
(they almost always are)

when everything hurts, write
don’t force yourself to look on the bright side
don’t pretend to be okay
write because it makes you okay
write because writing is the bright side

when everything hurts, write
try to write
try to remember what it felt like to write something powerful
something poignant
something funny
something beautiful
something that sneaks up on you
something that snuck up out of you
try to write
try to find something good down there, while you’re writing
write until it hurts less, at least
keep going

when everything hurts,
and all else fails,
when there is no bright side,
when there is just hurt,
when there is no one,
where there is nothing

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