We’re at Peak Sexy Costume

Ahh, Halloween. It’s a time where neighbors come together to create a fun experience for children. It’s a time where you can shed your identity and become someone else for a night. It’s a time where fear is fun and screams lead to laughter.

Just kidding, it’s the time of year when a lot of people act like complete jackasses with relative impunity. Okay, okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. A lot of people like to go out, dress up and have a little fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. But Halloween can also be an excuse for a lot of really ignorant people to flaunt that shit. Don’t do that.

Somewhere along the line costumes for women got sexy. At first, it was just the sexualization of costumes that were originally popular with little girls – a sexy version of an angel or a princess, for example. Slowly, insidiously, more and more traditionally unsexy things were being made into sexy costumes for women. Sexy superhero, sexy cat, sexy police officer, sexy zombie, and the like became mainstream. Once girls hit 14-16 years old, they’ll most likely only ever wear sexy costumes on Halloweens to come.

People, we have reached peak sexy costume. It has to stop. It started well enough. Someone from my news feed posted about a sexy costume for that pizza rat.

sexy … pizza rat

As I scrolled down the page, I saw more.

Sexy food:

sexy slice of watermelon sexy hamburger


sexy mug of beer sexy sriracha


sexy stick of gum sexy ear of corn


sexy carrot sexy Snickers bar


Sexy versions of characters we loved as children:

sexy Elmo sexy Barney


sexy Mrs. Potato Head sexy Marvin the Martian


sexy Scooby Doo sexy Cookie Monster


sexy Yoda sexy Buzz Lightyear


Sexy ???:

sexy shower sexy dart board

But this next one is the one I saw where I thought to myself, surely now we can stop, yes?

sexy baby…

It’s bad enough to be sexualizing children’s characters and toys, but now we’re casually sexualizing actual babies? No. Let me just say that this is not any judgement on the Adult Baby community – kink between two consenting adults is perfectly okay and none of my business. But these are Halloween costumes, and people can actually buy and wear a sexy baby costume. Does this not frighten anyone else? Just me?

Women are asked to be sexy (but not too sexy!) all year long. If you haven’t already purchased or made your Halloween costume this year, why not come up with something scary or funny instead of sexy? Go as Imperator Furiosa or a zombie Kim Davis. Go as a poop emoji or as John Boehner (just wear a suit and cry).

My point is, be creative, be respectful, and have fun.


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