The Art of HoG

There are several rules about art that should never be broken:

  • Art should give you feelings.
  • Art should not be in a glass case. (Unless you have an axe.)
  • Art should breathe and move, not calcify.

    Teri Horton
    WHO THE FUCK IS THIS? It’s Teri Horton, a former long-haul truck driver who found a Jackson Pollack painting in a thrift store and bought it for $5.00. The painting is worth millions. Who says art doesn’t pay? (Image Source: New York Times)

Here at House of Gilda we live in the shadow of some great names in the history of Art. Names like Teri Horton, who found a painting at a thrift store and soon asked: Who the fuck is Jackson Pollock?

The first art we will take on is German Expressionism.

  • The angst!
  • The perversion!
  • The Tim Burton before he was born!
  • The scorn!
  • The kiss!
  • The stockings pulled up on open legs showing big bushes!

Yes, all of that! But also the truth about human beings and the plight of said creatures. The truth about a society and culture, and a war grim enough to wipe the slate of what was known before.

What Expressionist Art seeks to render visible…are soul states and the violent emotions welling up from the innermost recesses of the subconscious. ~Ulrich Weisstein

The reason these artists were arrested and jailed was because fearful minds wanted paintings that looked truthful, not that paintings that told the truth.

Next on The Art of HoG!

Who better to take on violent emotions than our own FreeDa Kilo? She will bring these masters into our own particular angst with Neoteric Art: The Nouveauest.

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