Neoteric Art: The Nouveauest

In order to make art more accessible today, I, Free DaKilo, have uploaded these altered pieces onto an electronic device, accessible from your home computer or tiny computer located in the palm of your hand (or your right back pocket) on The Interweb Circuit and Suction of Boredom and Interpersonal Time.

See. Live. Learn.


Neoteric Art: The Nouveauest

Focus: Expressionism

Spotlight: Egon Schiele, Austrian Painter (June 12, 1890 – October 31, 1918)

What is so great about Shiele? His portrayal of raw sexuality? His distorted interpretations of his own self? His focus on death and rebirth?

Yes, all of those things.

Most importantly, Shiele was a key player in the Expressionism movement. His paintings exposed things the general public wasn’t interested in absorbing: pain, angst, suffering. Similar to the general public now, isn’t it?

Perhaps applying a contemporary focus to these subjects will help modern audiences understand, or connect with, their expressional angst; or, at the very least, discover a tiny piece of ourselves within each.

Now, I, Free DaKilo, will apply that focus to Shiele’s “Dancer.” And I will apply it with my mad collage skills.


Dancer Selfie
“Dancer Selfie,” Shiele/DaKilo Kollaboration, 2014

In the original work, “Dancer,” we – as art connoisseurs – might be thinking, “What is she so emo about??? Why the gang signs? Did Ol’ Egon forget to draw a cigarette one of her hands and a vintage leather case/coin purse in the other?”

Or, for the more seasoned art-critic: “Why’s she got orange hair but the rest of her body ain’t painted? He gonna fix that smudge of ink before he sends it to his boss? Wait; is that ink? I thought he was usin’ pencil or somethin’ but half of it looks like pencil and half of it looks like paint, like a water color or oil paint or acrylic, but then the last half looks like he smudged ink all over it.”


We don’t need to be contemplating meaningless things like this when so much art is going on in the world. There are too many other arts to critic! Don’t waste your time critic-ing just one.

In my depiction, “Dancer Selfie,” the answers are clear. In fact, questions need not even present themselves. We are shown a woman we understand. No need to think, no need to question, no need to contemplate. She is immediately relateable. We are all dancers to the selfie.

The addition of an iPhone says she is a woman who is servant to social media. Aren’t we all? I’m editing this on my tablet right now!

Upon closer gaze, it is clear she is taking this most likely for the ever-popular Instagram, as we see the reflection of self within the screen, yet it is different somehow. Is that a filter? Kelvin? No, it’s too warm for that. From the amount of blue, we can safely guess she’s using Walden. What a filter, and what a statement! Her head tilt shows she’s not only hitting her angles, but also finding her light. Her clothing is “homeless-chic” baggy, as if to say: “I don’t need you to see my body. I need you to see my hair.” That hair, in color – as a choice – is clearly her money-maker.

As for her hands – notice she is hiding all but her ring and pinky fingers. Can we scream, “NAIL BITER”?  Chances are, the square frame confinements won’t even show her hands, but this is a woman who doesn’t take chances. This is a woman who knows herself. She knows herself so well, she wants to share it with the world. Or, at the very least, her 124 followers. She knows exactly what we want to see, the kind of image we can slap on an ancient rug, and VOILAART!

No es nada, si no es arte.

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