My Bath Mat Turns Me On

Like most other people, I was in my single digits when I first discovered a peculiar pleasure. I was minding my own business by sitting in a chair and reading The Pokey Little Puppy when I casually put my bare feet on the nearby wall. A line of pleasure rocketed straight to my vagina. I couldn’t focus on anything else; I probably dropped my book. Where did that feeling come from? I was old enough to know not to tell anyone about it, to keep this sensation a secret.

The walls of our dining room were texture-painted, meaning it was slightly rough to touch. The rough texture of the walls rubbed against my bare feet sparked my nerves into instant arousal. I didn’t understand why my feet were a gateway to such pleasure. I still don’t understand it.

Fast forward to recent time, maybe one month ago. My partner and I were shopping in Bed, Bath, and Beyond like proper assholes one evening. I was randomly browsing the store when my partner approached me.

“We need a new bath mat for the tub. I think we should get this one,” my partner explained.

I examined the bath mat and quickly noticed its fine, rough texture. My mind immediately raced back to my childhood self rubbing her feet on the dining room wall in secret.

“That’s a perfect bath mat,” I literally said. In order not to appear strange, I added, “I like that it’s machine washable.”

Now, every single time I step into the tub and onto the bath mat I am greeted by electric sparks of pleasure through my bare feet. I already enjoyed showers because they were relaxing, warm, and allowed me to think better. Adding the delightful bath mat means I want to shower every single day, multiple times if I could get away with it.

While I don’t understand this pleasure, I’m glad that I have it. Life on this planet is difficult and short. As long as we are not hurting ourselves or anyone else, I think we should all embrace our pleasures, no matter how strange, and partake in them fully. Whether to discuss these pleasures openly or keep them secret is up to each individual. I think we owe it to ourselves to feel good however we can.

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