Aunt Carol Burnit Cooks: Sangria

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ha this is greats its so sprkly an he got a heart on her bottom

Hey, everyboydy it’s your ant cArol just stoping in to say hi. HI!

Prety sweet digs here. like the new space? ha that’s an internet joke i am learnin about this whowl internet thing here and it’s real exiting seing how this al works.

Now i got a new space that’s fun, right? So happy to be here with  the House of Gilda people and so nice that I have a job now. Women be workin as the saying says.

Let’s celbrate! WOOOOOOOOOO party dawgs!


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wihs they cost this much huh

that’s funny that’s an old artist song he used to have aname and then he didn’t and maybe he does again who knows people do things we don’t understand sometimes.

don’t question life just live it by the seat of your pant parts.

Ok! To celebrate today, we’re gonna pmake some SAGNRIA!!!



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woo thats some fancy dancy stuff!

Now, your thinkin – CAROL. I aint got no bowls or nothing to make that organe peel look like it’s been spiraling downward like my life similar to that picture!

Well, that’s where your AUnt Carol comes in, my dear! You don’t need all them fancy things! All you need is love – the Beatles.

But the beatle weren’t making SANGRIAAAAA!


1. cheap red wine – the cheaper the better. there’s a market at the end of your block – loks like part grocery store part gas station. they got the goods. Most likely it’s gonna be between 3.49-6 american. Use that. It’s the best for saturation.


2. Dr pepper – don’t question it just do it ok. it’s got 49 different secret ingredients and i’d like to think brandy is one of them so don’t go spendin your money on brandy brandy doesn’t gorow on trees like society would have ou believe

3. fruit – any kind of acidic fruit like ornge or apple or grape or whatever is cheaptest you gotta save that dollar just in case your husband leaves you. you know, my husband said forever and ever and til death do us part and all that mumbo jumbo turns out he didn’t mean it a lick, an everyone says why save money you can’t take it with you when you go and that was my mantra nad look at me now i’m living in my nieces baement and i’m not saying that’ll havppen to you, but you never know, it could so if you’re married you might think of opening a secret seavings and just put 10% or whatever in there every so oftem you can thank your aunt cArol later honey.


ok so what you got here are the ingreidens as you can see i have taken it upon myself to partake in a few of them before making this recipe that’s the beauty of cooking. you can play with it a bit. That’s why i don’t bake. Baking is a science and lord knows I’m no scientist ha! Alos, as you can see I do not have any fruit. That is because fruit is optional and i didn’t have any fruit so I just improvised adn used nothing instead.



Put everything in a bolw or vase or whatever you got layin around that will hold everything. Or hey you know what? You don’t got anythign not a pot to piss in? No problemo susie q! You got a bottle of wine and a botlte or can of Dr Pepper and guess what that’s perfedt! just drink some of the wine out the bottle and hten put that DP right in there! If you can’t fit the fruit in, just squeeze some juice in no problem!


Total Time: give or take 5 minutes but that don’t include goin to the store and what not

Yield: 1 serving – YOURs. About a bottle of wine plus a bottle or can of soda. whoa nelly you will need to yield if you drink the whole thing. YELLOW SIGN YELLOW SIGN WATCH FOR CURVES AHEAD

Level: Easy. life’s too hard to make food the hard way.


love you come see me sometime we’ll have some sangrila on the house!

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