Aunt Carol Burnit Cooks: Italian Noodle Pot

okee dokie here we go!

You may b sayin: I am on a budge aunt carol! what do I make when I am on a bueget? Maqybe i’m a collge student who doesn’t have a ton of extr a cash on the daily or may be you’re like me and you’re a divorced wife like wehre’d my husband go? Whyd he take evrything he could’ve just left? what will we have for dinner now?

Just kiddin gwhat will I have for dinner hahaha!

OK so this noodle pot is good if youre on a budge like myself. I’m feeling good.

Evertying is ook.


ingreditens! oh i forgot oregano and thyme youre gonna need that too
ingreditens! oh i forgot oregano and thyme youre gonna need that too

1. noodles: italian noodles will do. fettucini or spagheti or angel har just make sure htey’re long noodles

2. artichoke hearts: you don’t ahve to eat the artichok eoyu can buy a canned version or in a jar

3. spinahc frozen: in a bag

4. mushroom: i like to use crimini and say it like “CRIMINEY HERE’S THE MUSHROOM ALREAYD” but you can use whatever mushroom and joke you want

5. onion: white onion works best

6. garlic: just chop up some garlic clofes and i like to use like 4 or so but you an use less or more dependingon your taste busd

7. olive oil or butter: just a couple tablestoops

8. vegetable broth: this is mimprotant! i normaly amd like ok whatever tou can use water but really you need to use vegetable broh or chickben broth or you will NOT LIEK THIS RECIPE IT WILL BE SO BLAND

ok now whn i first mad ethis i just put everything in the pot like this:

this is everthing in the pot

And i just boiled it all down together, but i dont’ recoomend this this way. I recommend you do it like this:


1. biol tge noodles IN TEH VEGETABLE BROTH until they’re aldente. aldi. all denti. whateer just make sure htey’re not too soft or not too hard.

2. simmer all he vegetalbes and whatever in the butter or olive oil and get them soft. and season the vegetables at this stage. you want to season the vegeatbles bec youve already season the noodles so things are both being season simultaneously like toegehther the flavors will coem just trust me on this ok?

3. drain the noodles and rinse theme in warm water WARM WATER not cold water it will stunt the noodles tou don’t wanna do that then they ont get soft. ok.? then put the noodles in the

4. put the noodles in the pot with the vegeatble that have been seasoned.

5. cover the noddoels and vegetables with remaining vegetable broth. ok. i iddn’t tell you how much, but just barely cover the noodles.

6. cook the liquid down so its gone.


hoenstly this might be the best picture i ever idid take. it looks delicous and it was

it’s very importnat you don’t cook the noodle int eh pot it will taste sticky and sometime you get noodles an dhtey let that starthc water flow and you don’twa nna eat that startch water . you wanna get rid of it you don’t need to taste that you got too many good flavors to work wtih you don’t nee d the nasty.

i loe you so much. come visit your aunt carol i got so much of these leftovers hre and no one to share them with i’m gonna fee em to the squirrels! ha, just kiding i don’t like squirels once i saw a squirrel attack a girl outsid of a building and i just hid int eh shadows like “DIDNT SEE NOTHIGN!”


Total time: about a good half hour 45 minutes

Yield: well i got a lot of leftovers so maybe its tood for a dinner party or small gethering or if you have lots of moths to feed like in Annie.

Level: if your aunt carol can make it after wine and then alter it an make it a seocnd itme cuz she don’t like the way it turns otu the first itme, then i think YTOU CAN TOO!

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