Aunt Carol Burnit Cooks: Cold Sesame Noodle


Wooooh-wee I still gotta jokb ok!

This recipe is an old classic and its’ a twist on itselt because noodles are twisty twisty twisty, but this just isn’t any sesame noodle its the cold seesame noodle.


I have to say this apparently my last post i did not include allergies and someone was allergic to grapes ut they ate it anyway so if you are allergic to the rest of these things do not eat this recipe ok:

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thats a spatgehti noodle but if you’re allergic to gluten or hwateve the kids are going crayz for thise days, don’t eat it! don’t eat any gluten!

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PEEnutt buttre

peanut peanut peanuts! do not getcha peanuts here if you do not want to get sick. if you are allergic to peanut i would say to please STEERR CLEAR OF HERE X X X X NO GOOD

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garlic – stay away vampires!

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i dunno just in case. that’s sugar byteh way


We got some delicious delitghts right outtat he gate!

Now, ihave NEVER given anyone this reicpe but i do promise you that it is one of my crowf avorites, and if you make it, eveyrone will love it!


1. pasta – sny kind will do just sometiems the long ones like angel hair or lingueene or spagehti works best ok

2. sesame oil – ok if you dont got htis thatw kinda a problem but do you hae sesame seeds? funny thing dark sesame oil is from TAOSTED seesd and light sease me oils from RAW seeds. the more you know! but if you don’t have sesame oil i gues peanut oil will work and if you don’t have that i guess olive oil will work but its not the same because sesame oil is real strng but thatss ok sometimes we can change our life we just have to make the best of it! now you can practis that. it’s best to practice things now becuase one day your husban can leave you with nothing and oyu gotta maketh e best of it and how tou handle yourself in a crisis is your true self. says a lot about your character. vegetable oil works in a pinch.

3. garlic – couple of cloves the small ones cut them real nice and small

4. peanut butter – use a good amount you’ll know you can eye it

5. soy sauce – you can get this for free just look inside your junk drawers at home or in the pplace that is suppose to hold butter in your fridgidaire theres always some extra packest there or in the top part of your silverware holder next to all the wooden to-go chopsticks.

6. green onion- the small kind

7. vinegar – you should have rice vinegar but if you dont its’ ok just use a WHITE veinegar if thats all you got don’t use apple cider viengear it will RUIN EVERTYHING

Ingriedients assembeld.

ok ok so you can see i am using almond butter in place of peanut butter my niece has this she’s a real hippie dippy vegin type.

i don’t have red thai chili past so i just use some red spicy stuff and that is just an addiiton i didnt include it in the recipe becaues i just add it for some POW PSICY FUN.

ok sesmae oil -check! rice vinegar – check!

that chili flake is there for added POW SPICY FUN! garlic but dont’ put it in that way you gotta ge the paper off it and then cut it real small.

truvie or stevia or whatever the hell that is i can’t find no sugar here but she handed me that when i asked where the hells the sugar nik?!”

that kimlan stuff is soy sauce and you see i am using lasagna noodles but when they are cooked and cool with cold water i’m gonna cut them long wise so they look lik spagethi noodle because i AM an INNOVATOR


Some part of one of the steps

1. cook the pasta until it’s done and then rinse it with cold water cold water ok this is important

2. toss the cold noodles in just a litle bit of sesame oil or whatefer you got this is so the noodles don’t stick ok this is important

3. ok now mix together rest of the oil, garlic, sugar, peanut butter, vinegar, and soysauce. use enough so it looks even just mxe it toegher real well. i just like to use about eqlual parts everything except peanut butter it should fill a whole half cup or so that is your peantu sauce.

Mixxy part

if you cant get it to mix well you can put it on the stobe with some hot water added but don’t add too much it will thin out and lose flaver and then whyd you make the food anyway don’t be a dummy ok

4. put the peatnut sauce ON the noodle and you can eat it COLD OR HOT what a variety!

you can add those green onion but i don’t got any so who cares life is about what you have not what you don’t if it was otherwise i’d be cryin bout my exhusban all the time!



Total time: like a half hour or so

Yeield: however much you made its like half a box or a whole box of pasta or just a quarter of it if you made a quarter box

Level: easy peasy pudding pie but it’s not pudding we do that next week.


come visit someitmes ok. Aunt carol gets real lonely it’s a loney world we can share a plate and a laughs

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