Things That Are Only Annoying When Someone Else Does Them

  1. Whistling
  2. Sniffing repeatedly because you can’t/don’t want to blow your nose
  3. Making bird calls
  4. Shedding hair
  5. Singing to yourself
  6. Tapping your legs
  7. Asking where something is before you look
  8. Talking during a great TV show or movie
  9. Talking to someone while they’re on the phone
  10. Let me Google that for you
  11. Being on your smartphone while you’re in a conversation
  12. Not going on a yellow light
  13. Taking up precious time in the only bathroom
  14. Eating buffalo chicken wings
  15. Backseat driving
  16. Telling people about your dreams in detail
  17. Asking what time it is when you have a smartphone
  18. Monopolizing the conversation about your fabulous new partner
  19. Running to catch the train before the doors close
  20. Walking up the escalator
  21. Being a pedestrian
  22. Yelling someone’s name instead of walking to find them
  23. Horizontal spreading with your friends so you take up the entire sidewalk
  24. Saying you have something really important to talk to me about but you can’t tell me what it is
  25. Continuing to explain a reference when it already bombed
  26. Popping bubble wrap
  27. Picking your nose
  28. Exorbitantly loud laughter
  29. Weird sneezes
  30. Reading signs aloud as you drive past them

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