A Moment of Silence for Rapists

Let us observe a moment of silence for all the people

Who were denied sex and it hurt their feelings –

Nay consumed them with a rage and a hatred for their victims,

Who would dare to not consent to the fulfilment of their sexual gratification.

A moment to mourn them the sex they were guaranteed

As a Human Right – that must be in a constitution somewhere.

A moment for the pain they suffered –

At either rejection or revulsion, or both.

Let us pause to consider the fact that they must continue living

With the knowledge that their violated conquest did not desire them,

And perhaps that they may never be desirable.

For how low one must feel to resort to shoving one’s pain

Into any unwilling orifice, to try and forget

All the ways in which one isn’t strong.

Yes, how weak one must be to succumb

To bending someone’s body while their will remains unbroken.

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