20 Times You Should Cut Someone Out of Your Life

  1. When they consistently make scary choices that leave you feeling more like a parent than a friend
  1. When they parade around the fact you two hooked up that one time to impress their skeezy boyfriends
  1. When they go MIA for years at a time with no contact and no explanation
  1. When they tell you that canceling on their significant other’s birthday party is a “gross deception”
  1. When they friend your rapist on Facebook
  1. When they call you a Neanderthal at a dinner party
  1. When they abandon you after coming to visit them in a foreign country
  1. When they write bad poetry about how they low key hate you
  1. When they slap you across the face
  1. When they lick the food off your body without your express permission
  1. When they let their drunken bro friends text you from their phone for entertainment
  1. When they give you a stapled note to give to a person you both like and it says bad things about you
  1. When they are leaving you and ask you to drive them to the airport
  1. When they tell you all the creepy/horrible stuff your ex did and said about you behind your back… after you break up
  1. When you ask them to watch your pet while you’re out of town and it dies
  1. When they break your bed from too-vigorous -sex while you’re at work
  1. When they ask for your advice, do the opposite, and ask your advice again
  1. When you witness their fiancé punch them, bow out of their wedding party out of concern, and then get harassed by said fiancé
  1. When they give you a Bible for your birthday
  1. When they consistently make you feel frustrated/ anxious/ embarrassed/ hurt/ used/ manipulated/ afraid/ betrayed

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